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Abstracts of the The XLIX RSACS International Conference

Russian Academy of Sciences Arbatov Institute of the USA and Canada Studies

The Society of American Culture Studies


The XLIX International Conference Abstracts


«Ways to Success in American Culture»


Moscow, November 29 – December 3, 2023


Editorial team: Oksana Danchevskaya, Elena Kornilova, Alexey Matveyev, Boris Maximov, Andrey Ruskin, Nadezhda Shvedova, 

Editor: Larisa Mikhaylova


Keynote Lecture

Chris T. Cartwright, MPA, EdD

Portland State University, Oregon, USA

An Interculturalist’s Perspective on Ways to Success in American Culture

The United States is emerging from the COVID-19 Pandemic a deeply fractious society. We seem to be recovering economically, but very unevenly. Politically we are often contentious and disappointed. Culturally and socially, we are often anxious and discontented, especially for those not in the majority racially, ethically, gender identity, ability, and socio-economically class in terms of order and fairness.

No one discipline or perspective can do justice to the complexity we are experiencing in the US at this time. As an interculturalist, a scholar and consultant most focused on the ebbs and flows of communication and engagement across difference, I can offer a perspective on how culture and intercultural competence is impacting this unique time.


Chris Cartwright, MPA, Ed.D.is an assessment consultant, trainer, and instructor supporting individuals and organizations in assessing and developing inclusion, intercultural, and global competencies. He has 40+ years of experience in multiple sectors. He assesses, consults, coaches, trains, teaches, and researches regionally, nationally, and internationally in areas of inclusive and global leadership development, intercultural competency, assessment and evaluation, and social justice.  He is an associate of the Connective Leadership Institute, the Kozai Group, icEdge, and Aperian Global.

He is an adjunct faculty for the Portland State University, Minerva, as well as Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, and Pepperdine University. He recently served as Director of Intercultural Assessment and Associate Director of the Graduate Program for the Intercultural Communication Institute for 10 years. Prior to this work, he has served as the Dean of Academic Programs for the International Partnership for Service Learning and Leadership.

Section 1. USA Journalism

Coordinator Dr. Andrey Ruskin

(Journalism Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia)

December 2, 2023

10.00-12.00 (MSK)

  1. Darya Yeremina,  Dobrolyubov Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University, Russia

The Role of Journalists in the Struggle for Women’s Rights

The struggle for women’s rights has a long history in American culture. Women are an integral part of American culture. They occupy high positions in business, politics, science, art and other fields. There are many moments in American history when journalists covered issues related to gender inequality, violence and discrimination. From simple misogyny to opening up new opportunities for women in professional journalism.

This question is undoubtedly an important element of the path to success and development in American culture. How exactly does journalism bring about successful changes in American culture, revealing the concept of “woman” as an independent and self-sufficient person? In my report we will look at how journalists in different periods of history used their positions to fight for women’s rights. Specific examples of the work of journalists will be considered. Contemporary challenges related to gender inequality and the role of journalism in combating them will also be discussed. Continue reading